(Studio Owner)


Welcome to Stacked Pilates & Dance! It has been a dream of mine to open an Adult Pilates/Dance Studio and I am thrilled to be here in the heart of Mississauga, opening the doors for you.

Here’s how it started…I worked professionally as a dancer for 10 years. I started off dancing on Cruise ships, then landed myself in NYC. In New York I worked as a Radio City Rockette as well as on National Tour and in the Broadway company of “42nd Street”. It was a fantastic 10 years, but along with dancing every night your body withstands some wear and tear…which brought me straight to the doors of a Pilates studio in Manhattan…

In NYC I attended Pilates classes regularly, both private and group lessons. I found Pilates gave me the strength and stamina I needed to get through 8 show weeks, and helped me find a nice balance with my body where I felt like I was using muscles in my every day life that I wasn’t used to feeling/engaging. Turns out, Pilates really lives up to the hype. If you stick with Pilates long term your core will be strong, you will remedy back problems, and you will lean yourself out, from in the inside out.

After returning to Canada I decided to get certified to teach Pilates, and now have my full certification through STOTT Pilates ®, certified to teach Mat, Reformer, Chair, Cadillac, Barrels, all advanced syllabus, and people with Injuries/Special Populations. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing clients’ leave the studio happier and stronger than they were when they came in. I work with all ages and ability levels, clients at our studio range in age typically from 20-75. I have seen clients battle MS, Osteoporosis, Sciatica, Obesity, seen them rise to the challenge, making serious changes to their bodies along the way.

I truly believe in the work and am happy to keep learning, keep growing, and try to help people out as much as I can. Pilates is not a quick-fix kind of exercise. You have to have patience, learn the right way and stay with your program. That’s when change happens.

To compliment your Pilates program we strive to stay on top of Fitness trends at the studio. With a strong Pilates foundation we aim to mix it up a little with our calorie burning Barre, DaVinci Body board, Bootcamp, Dance, and ROPE classes.

My hope is that when you come into our studio you immediately feel like you belong and that you are in the right place to meet your goals. Our team is committed to excellence, fully certified and qualified to teach, and will do our best to make sure you are meeting your potential.

Take a look at our programming and see what is right for you!

I hope you find the studio a happy, positive, and body-changing place to be!