Celebrities all over Hollywood and New York are raving about the latest fitness trend sweeping the nation. Barre training has been made popular thanks to the likes of Madonna, Kelly Ripa, and Natalie Portman. STACKED PILATES & DANCE is proudly the first studio in Canada to offer accredited BARRECONCEPT® classes!

This unique workout combines elements of Pilates, Yoga, Resistance training and Ballet into a highly effective regime performed at the ballet barre and on the mat. Your body’s own resistance is used along with bands, and small weighted
balls. The result is a long, lean dancer’s body without bulk and without actually being a dancer!

If lifting the butt, tonight the thighs, flattening the abs, and sculpting the arms are results you are looking for, look no further. BarreConcept® classes begin with a Warm up, then Barre work for 35-40 min. Interval training is performed at the barre using small isometric contractions, burning fat and improving Cardiovascular fitness. Barre work is followed by Resistance training using various props, and Abdominal work. After you effectively work your muscles to the max, you stretch your muscles out to ensure a re-lengthened, strong body without the added bulk of other regimes.

Music plays for the duration of the class to keep you moving, motivated, and having fun!
Expect your posture and flexibility to improve. Expect your core to get stronger and expect your overall stamina to improve. Your body will become realigned and rebalanced working more efficiently than ever.

This workout is suitable for everyone as various modifications are given throughout the class to suit all students’ abilities.
BarreConcept® was created by Fitness Guru Emma Newham of the UK. Read more about this exciting new method at

Stacked Pilates & Dance is the first studio in Canada to offer this exciting new method!

Barre Classic- Elementary class suitable for fit individuals or experience of BarreConcept®
Barre Power- Advanced workout for hardcore enthusiasts