Welcome Welcome Welcome!

We are always excited to invite you into our studio,making you feel at home.
What is your goal? What are you looking to achieve?

Do you need your back to feel better? Improved posture? An intense cardio program? Ask yourself specifically what you want/how you want to feel after your workout and we can help you get there!
We recommend all new Pilates students start with Private lessons. Working one on one with an instructor helps you correctly understand the Basic Principles of Pilates, and how to engage your muscles to work properly. We want you to achieve your goals and have Pilates work for you. Working privately allows us to focus solely on YOUR needs and helps you understand how to work your body in future classes. Private lessons will also let your instructor guide you into the right classes for you in the future.
With any new fitness regime, the hardest part is actually getting out the door!

We can guarantee it will be worth your trip. All new clients are asked to arrive 10 minutes prior to the start time of their class. You will be asked to fill out a waiver and a questionnaire so we can know your limitations and any previous injuries.

We have a change room and a bathroom (no shower). You can change at the studio and there is ample space inside the studio where you are working to store your purse and valuables. We ask that you turn off all electronic devices.