Payment- We accept Cash, Check, Visa and Mastercard. Payment for a class session is due in full before the class session begins.

24 hour cancelation policy- If you are a private client we ask for 24 hours so we can fill the space/let the teacher know you are canceling. If less than 24 hours a session will be forfeited. If you are a group client and will be absent, a 24 hour policy is in effect to let us know in order to make your class up on a Saturday in the session. If we know enough in advance there is a possibility of being able to sub you in to a different Reformer class, providing there is another person absent. We must have 24 hours notice to guarantee space in the Drop in Pilates class, Saturdays at 10am.

Running Late- If you are running late for a private session, it is no problem, but be aware that your class will end at it’s original time because there is most likely someone right after you. Your instructor will create a shorter workout for you in the time you are there. If you are running late for a group class, we ask that you let us know so we can prepare a mat and any props for you, and once you arrive you can quietly come in and take your place.

No Perfumes, Body Sprays, Colognes- We ask that you respect this policy because certain clients have allergies and cannot tolerate scents.

Phones/Electronic Devices- For everyone’s enjoyment of the class, please turn your phones/electronic devices off. There will be enough to think about in class! :)